Best WiFi Routers to Buy Under 2000: Know Features And Range

Routers have become an essential part of modern life. In every house or office, people use WiFi, and for that, they need to routers it. They are many types of WiFi routers available in the market or online. This article talks about the best WiFi routers to buy under 2000, which you can buy online or offline. We will describe these routers’ features, range, and speed to choose the best router for homes or offices. We have listed various routers, such as the wireless router, broadband router, edge router, and many moreYou can find the best suitable WiFi routers for your home and their price below 2000 rupees on this list.

List of best WiFi routers to buy under 2000:

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless Router-N300

This is a very attractive and high-performance router. The weight of this router 64 grams and is 198 cm in height, and you get it in black color. This router gives you a very sleek and stylish look as well as bandwidth optimization quality. By which you will be able to analyze and divide data streams. This article lists the best WiFi routers to buy under 2000 that have the best range, speed, and features.


The D-Link wireless router is an optimal solution for quickly best routers to buy under 2000:haring multiple files, data, music, photos, and videos over the internet. And with this WiFi router, you get wireless technology, and also, the D-Link 300 router can be easily configured. It needs just several moments to set up.

This setup also comes with the wizard, which you can quickly install with the step-by-step model. It utilizes a double active firewall and continues to support the WPA and WPA 2 standards to defend your web from potential malware or malware infection and make sure that you get the strongest quality encryption.

The DIR-615 WiFi router operates at speeds of 300 Mbps and a frequency of 2.4GHz to share, upload, and download with high speed without interference. You get the repeater mode feature in this router, which works on maximum coverage’s wireless network. You will link 10/100 network ports to the high-speed wireless Internet service in this router and several 10/100 LAN ports to connect wired computers for high-speed browsing habits. You will have a three-year warranty on this.

TL-WR820N 300 Mbps Speed TP-Link Wireless WiFi Router

It is compliant with the IEE 802.11b/g/n router and offers high-speed WiFi to your buddies. Cherish the most exacting domestic networking with the 300 Mbps capacity of this WiFi router


You get two powerful 5dBi antennas and 2X2 MIMO in this router. Router enhances wireless transmission to provide more comprehensive wireless coverage with more vigorous signal strength, by IGMP proxy/snooping, link, and tag VLAN support optimizing IPTV streaming to enjoy your favorite movies and free To watch the show.

The ergonomic contour and smooth surface of this WiFi router captivate every single person in the room. This router’s hole-in plate dissipates heat to guarantee quality reliability and reliable operation, which is also compliant with the new iteration of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), making your router long term and helps you to experience IPv6 services offered by your ISP and visit IPv6 sites.

Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 WiFi router

This router is created in such a manner that you can install it up pretty quickly. This WiFi router covers your two rooms. This router is IEEE802.11N compatible and provides broadband frequencies of up to 300 Mbps.


This makes it perfect for day-to-day internet operations such as messaging, chats, watching, video gaming, and much more. These routers may also serve as a device WiFi router to link to ISP networks wirelessly or to share the internet in any corner to prevent dead points from AP.

And talking about its unique features, you get the particular part of gaming in it. You get PVC plastic and connector models. Also, the range of that router up to 50 meters.

iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN 1200M Dual Band Wireless WiFi routers

This is a wireless router that is absolutely the best for home or office. It creates a high-speed wireless connection to play online games and stream HD video simultaneously with smart app management. And you can easily set up your router with a mobile app anywhere to manage and monitor your router remotely at any time.


Beamforming Technology guarantees improved wireless efficiency and signal range for your wireless system and provides parental supervision. You get the guest SSID option in this router that generates a different wireless network, so if a guest has come to your home, you can use this function. You also get a 3-year warranty on this model.

If you search for a WiFi router that can quickly reach your 3 to 4 rooms, this is the best option.

TP-Link Wireless Dual Band Router Archer C20 AC750 WiFi

First of all, let us advise you that such a WiFi router does not have a modem and perfectly fits wireless broadband. You get a total of 733mbps of available bandwidth in this router, which supports 802.11AC protocol with 2.4GHz 300mbps and 5GHz 433mbps link.

This article lists the best WiFi routers to buy under 2000 that have the best range, speed, and features.


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